Theth is a wonderful village to the north of Albania, located in the region of Shkodra. The climate in these mountains is complex and the biodiversity is great. The Dinarides act as a climatic divide between  Mediterranean (coastal) and moderately continental areas.

Theth, Albania

Theth, Thethi, Albania
Theth is a wonderful village in northern Albania’s Shkodra region. Set among the peaks of the Shala mountains, Theth is isolated, and in times of snow, practically inaccessible. Edith Durham, a famous English traveler and writer on the Balkans, visited the area in 1908. She wrote of its seclusion: “I think no place where human beings live has given me such an impression of majestic isolation from the entire world. It is a spot where the centuries shrivel; the river might be the world’s well-spring, its banks the fit home of elemental instincts–passions that are red and rapid”.

Legend has it that Theth was founded 400 years ago by 6 brothers. Individual parts of the village still bear the names of these brothers. In a presentation at the International Peace Research Association, Antonia Young, an anthropologist who participated in a 2005 research project in Shala valley, suggested this ‘perceived family link’ could be the explanation for the unusually low levels of internal conflicts and blood feuds in Theth. According to Theth’s primarily Catholic inhabitants, the village was founded as a refuge to escape conversion to Islam by the Ottomans.

After the Second World War and the country’s self imposed isolation, access to the markets in Montenegro and Kosovo dried up. The fall of communism led to emigration and a declining population. Antonia Young’s team only found 17 families who reside in Theth year-round. Many of these depend on remittances from relatives who have sought employment elsewhere in Albania and abroad. The inhabitants of Theth receive very little government assistance. They lack electricity as well as telephone or radio communication to surrounding villages.

Theth also contains 12 small mills and a functional hydro plant. During the period of March to November, Theth is visited by around 5000-10000 foreign tourists yearly.
UNDP is seeking to improve Theth’s economic prospects by promoting tourism in the area. In cooperation with the German Technical Cooperation Enterprise, GTZ, it has provided initial funds to several households which will allow them to convert their homes into Guesthouses. UNDP says this strategy could help the whole community:

“Despite the challenges to tourism development in Theth, the potential is enormous. Residents young and old can benefit from increased tourism by becoming local tour guides, while others can produce and sell traditional handicrafts as souvenirs”.

Theth  National Park
Theth  National Park
Established in 1966, Theth  National Park  covers an area of 2630 ha and ranges in altitude from approx. 1200 m to 2567 m (summit of Mt Radohima). It is located about 45 km from Koplik and 72 km from Shkodra. Its main extension is on the embouchure of the river Theth. Human activity is subject to regulation in three distinct zones, A, B and C: in zone A all human activity is prohibited, in B it is conditionally prohibited and in C strictly regulated. If these rules were respected, there would without doubt be adequate protection for plant and animal life in the area. As things stand at present, however, no action is even taken against illegal tree felling.

The most striking mountain peaks and passes (moving clockwise from the north) are: the peak of Jezerca, which is Albania’s highest peak, lying just outside the park at the north of the valley (2679 m high), followed by Peja Pass (1776 m), the Dry Peak (2543 m), the pass of Lugu i Valit, the saddle of Zhapora, the peaks of Papluka (2569m) and Alije (2471m), the saddle of Valbona (1876 m) and Mt Valbona (1966 m) at the east, the wooded Mt Zorgji at the south (1663 m), Mt Arapi (2217 m), Mt Boshi (2415 m), Shtegu i Dhenve (‘Goat’s Track’, 2104 m), and Mt Radohima (2567 m) at the west.

Almost two thirds of the park are covered in trees; in many places, the steep wooded terrain is so inaccessible to humans as to be considered ‘primeval forest’.

The area is crossed by a water network that flows from both eastern and western slopes in the valley. The River Theth rises from several different sources and streams above Okol. The direction of the flow is from the north to the south. In heavy rains it is prone to a sudden and violent swelling, destroying crossing points and fords. Perhaps most famous is the gorge of Grunas Canyon, standing 40 m tall and just one meter wide. Visitors can look down into the canyon from a wooden bridge. Following the path in an easterly direction, one arrives at a cascading waterfall. Further downstream at Ndërlysa, the River Theth merges with Lumi i Zi (‘Black River’), which in its upper stream consists of a raging torrent which carves a path through the rocks before reaching the tranquil lowlands and merging with the Theth to become the River Shala, which ultimately flows into the Drin. The river of Theth is crystal clear and foamy in some places. It flows with a range of 1000-1300 l/sec and an average water temperature of 7ºC. One of the most distinguished properties of this river is the abundance of mountain trout. Theth has over 80 water sources and three waterfalls, and they all flow to the river.

There are also many springs of water named Okol, Nikgjonaj etc. Grunas Waterfall and Gjeçaj Waterfall are two of the most sensational spectacles of the National Park of Theth. They originate from rocky parts of the mountains around the park. The height of the first one reaches 30 meters of root water and the second 24 meters.
The main streams of the valley are the brook of Shan Deda, the brook of the Sheep, the ones of Ded Lula, of Gurra, of Shkafi, of Vali, of the Border and the stream of Belona. These streams flow in the mountainous territory and are precipitous during the winter. Theth has many springs that can serve as water supply for tourists. You can virtually find water in every place you encroach in Theth, from the heights of mountains, to the center and they also maintain considerable flow in all seasons of the year. Theth waters have permanent purity and very low temperatures. Their flow varies from 0.2 l/sec to 10 l/sec.

The climate in these mountains is complex and the biodiversity is great. The Dinarides act as a climatic divide between  Mediterranean (coastal) and moderately continental areas.

Moisture-laden warm air masses accumulate on the cool, high mountains, leading to comparatively high precipitation levels. The Park has a hostile climate in the winter with snowfalls that range from 1.5 meters in the lower part up to 3 meters in the higher part of the park. The park has an average of 2900-3000 mm rainfall per year. According to the seasons rainfalls are spread as follows: in spring 21%, in summer 9%, in autumn 32% and in winter 38%. Mostly the rainfall is in the form of snow creating a stable covering for some months. With small investments, the hallways of the valley with stable snow can fulfill the standard dimensions of stadiums for applying winter sports.

The temperatures range from +20º C to +26º C in June and go down to -14º C and -20º C in the freezing winters. The snow stands more on the slopes, largely in the western part where the sun falls less during the day. Theth has 110 sunny days per year.

This diversity of habitats which is closely related to the mountain-Mediterranean climate has created through centuries a rich diversity of flora and fauna in the region of Theth. A study carried out a few years ago recorded the existence of at least 1650 plant species within the confines of the Theth National Park. 85 species are rare and threatened with extinction, 4 are endemic (found only here) and 16 are sub endemic.

The four endemic plant species are: Wulfenia baldaccii (plantain, or Plantaginaceae), Petasites doerfleri Hayek, Lilium albanicum and Viola ducaginica, which for obvious reasons have no English names.

On the other hand, the genus Gentiana is widespread here, continuing to bear the name it was given in classical antiquity, where it is said to have been particularly common in Ancient Illyria. Genthios was the name of the last Illyrian king, defeated by Romans in Shkodra in 168 BC. It is said the king was the first to use Gentiana asclepiadea (Willow Gentian) as protection against plague. In the area there are over 130 medical plants. 50 plants can be eaten and around 50 are used for coloring. All these come from the spontaneous flora as: beer plant, wild pomegranate, wild fig up to a height of 900 meters above sea level, etc.

The main species of mammals encountered here include deer, wolf, fox, brown bear, lynx, otter, wild pig, wild rabbit, wild goat, jackal, hedgehog, chamois, badgers, wild boar and roe. The European brown bear (Ursus arctos) is a very shy creature and a rare sight in these parts; stones upturned during the hunt for small animals provide an occasional clue as to their presence. The Balcan chamois (Rupicarpa rupicarpa balcanica) is also native to the high mountains. Hunting animals are the wolf, hare, ibex, weasel, and fox. And in the river can be found the speckled trout, which is also one of the nicest fishes.

Bird species include the golden eagle, snake eagle, honey buzzard, peregrine falcon, capercaillie, rock partridge, scops owl, Eurasian eagle owl and the snow finch. Among the amphibians there are the alpine salamander (southern most distribution), fire salamander, yellow-bellied toad and fire bellied toad. The rich herpetofauna include the fence lizard, green lizard, Greek tortoise and snakes such as the true vipers including the poisonous horned viper and adder.

Many species of butterflies are found, which makes Theth one of the richest area in Europe for butterflies.

The forest is mainly composed of oak, pine, bushes, hornbeam, osier etc. If the forests of the national park are well maintained, they can produce a considerable amount of wood for fire thus fulfilling the needs of inhabitants for heating.


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heronjve,1,kenga-qytetare-shkodrane,1,kenge kreshnikesh,1,kenge kushtuar oso kukes.,1,kenge nga gjoke vata,1,kenge nga tonin tershana,1,kenge popullore shyqyri alushi,1,kenge shkodrane shyqyri alushi,1,kenge te kultivuar shqiptare,1,kenge-kreshnike,1,kengetari adnan bala,1,kengetari bik ndoja,1,kengetari gjok vata,1,kengetari hysen kocia,1,kengetari shyqyri alushi,1,kengetari tonin tershana,1,kengetarja gjyzepina kosturi,1,kengetarja lucie miloti,1,kengetarja nikoleta shoshi,1,kengetarja violeta zefi,1,kengeve lahute,1,kentucky colonel,1,kentucky fried chicken,1,kërshëndellat,1,keshilli bashkiak shkoder,1,këshilli-qarkut-shkoder,1,keshtjella rozafa,1,keshtjella shkodres,1,kinematigrafi serafin fanko,1,kir pult,1,kirurgu frederi shiroka,1,kisha e dajcit shkoder,1,kisha e gjuhadolit,1,kisha e madhe shkoder,1,kisha e shirgjit,1,kisha e shirqit,1,kisha e shna prendes,1,kisha e zojes ne shkoder,1,kisha katedrale e madhe shkoder,1,kisha katolike shkoder,1,kisha ne fshatin shirq,1,kisha shkoder,2,kisha-zojes-shkoder,1,kllogjen temal,1,klubi sportiv vllaznia,1,koha e lules martin camaj,1,koha e re gjergj fishta,1,koha e re lahua e malcis,1,koha-e-lules,1,koha-e-re,1,koineja gjuhes shqipe dakaj,1,kokalari kokalari,1,kol gurashi,1,kol idromeno,1,kol logoreci,1,kol luli,1,kol shiroka,1,kol-gurashi,1,kol-idromeno,1,kol-shllaku,1,kole ashta,1,kole ashta leksiku historik i gjuhes shqipe,1,kole ashta urdhnimet e poezis,1,kole gurashi,2,kole gurashi dhe kenget popullore shkodrane,1,kole idromeno,1,kolë jakova,1,kole jakova biografia,1,kole kamsi,1,kole kamsi biografia,1,kole kamsi veprat,1,kole prennushi,1,kole shiroka,1,kole shiroka biografia,1,kole shllaku,1,kole sokoli,1,kole xhuxha,1,kole-ashta,1,kole-gurashi,1,kole-jakova,1,kole-kamsi,1,kole-shiroka,2,kolec kurti,1,kolec-shllaku,2,koliqi ernesto,1,koliqi-ernesto,1,koman,1,komedia hyjnore pashk gjeci,1,komisia letrare e shkodres,1,komisia letrare gjuhes shqipe,1,komisia-letrare-shqipe,1,kompozitoret e rilindjes,1,kompozitori cesk zadeja,1,kompozitori frano ndoja,1,kompozitori gjon simoni,1,kompozitori lec kurti,1,kompozitori mark kaftalli,1,kompozitori martin gjoka,1,kompozitori palok kurti,1,kompozitori pjeter gaci,1,kompozitori simon gjoni,1,kompozitori tonin harapi,1,komuna ana malit,1,komuna bushat shkoder,1,komuna dajc,1,komuna dajc bregu i bunes,1,komuna dajc shkoder,2,komuna rrethina,1,Komuna Shale,1,Komuna Shllak,1,komuna velipoje,1,komuna-ana-e-maili,1,komuna-berdice,1,komuna-bushat,1,komuna-dajc,1,komuna-gur-i-zi,1,komuna-hajmel,1,komuna-mnele-vig,1,komuna-postribe,1,komuna-pult,1,komuna-rrethina qarku i shkodres,1,komuna-shale,1,komuna-shosh,1,komuna-temal,1,komuna-velipoje,1,komuna-vig-mnele,1,komunat e shkoder,1,komunisti oreve të para,1,komunisti tuk jakova,1,komunisti-oreve-te-para,1,komuniteti katolik shkoder,1,komuniteti mysliman shkoder,1,komuniteti ortodoks shkoder,1,konferenca paqes ne paris,1,konferencen e londres,1,kongresi i alfabetit në manastir,1,kongresi i 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pipa,1,kupe-danja,1,kuq e zi 28 nandur vincenc prennushi,1,kuq-e-zi,1,kur bie shi ne shkoder viktor koliqi,1,kur bien pashket,1,kur eshte dita e tokes,1,kur hylli i drites ndalohej ne jugosllavi,1,kur jane pashket,1,kur u hapen shkollat e para shqipe,1,kur u ndertua universiteti i arteve,1,kur u themelua universiteti i arteve,1,kur u zhvillua kongresi i manastirit,1,kur-bie-shi-ne-shkoder,1,kuriozitete,18,kurti donat,1,kush e kompozoi himnin kombetar,1,kush e shkroi himnin kombetar,1,kush e vrau luigj gurakuqin,1,kush fiton çmimin nobel,1,kush i llogarit statistikat e ndeshjeve te kupes se botes,1,kush ishte alfred nobel,1,kush modifikoi fotografine e pare me fotoshop,1,kush-jane-shqiptaret,1,kushtrimi i skanderbeut ernest koliqi,1,kushtrimi-i-skanderbeut,1,kuvendi berlinit lahuta e malcis gjergj fishta,1,kuvendi prizrenit,1,kuvendi-berlinit,1,kuvendin e dibres,1,kuzhina shkodrane,1,lagja ndocej,1,lagjet e shkodres,1,lagjja perash,1,lagjja serreq,1,lagjja xhabije,1,lago di 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malli,1,lec shllaku poezi ora e shqipnise,1,lec shllaku poezi vendi i jem,1,lec-fishta,1,lec-kurti,1,lec-shllaku,4,ledia lahi,1,ledia-lahi,1,lef nosi,1,legjenda e misrit migjeni,1,legjenda e stomatologjise shqiptare,1,legjenda gjergj elez alia,1,legjenda-e-misrit,1,lek dukagjini,1,lek vojvoda shkoder,1,lek-vojvoda,1,lekaj shale,1,leke dukagjini kanuni,1,leke gruda,1,leke vojvoda,1,leke vuksani,1,leke-dukagjini,1,leke-vuksani,1,Letërsia,2,letersia arbereshe,1,letersia shqiptare dhe arshi pipa,1,levizja antikomuniste perpjekja shqiptare shkoder,1,leze sakatja poezi,1,leze-sakatja,1,libri i burgut,1,libri zef valentini,1,liceu i shkodres,1,lidhja shqiptare prizren,1,ligji i denimit me vdekje,1,lin delia,1,lin delija,1,lin delija antrodoco,1,lin delija biografia,1,lin delija carlo cesi,1,lin delija osimo,1,lin delija vepra,1,lin-delija,1,lindja e jezusit,1,lindja e krishtit,1,liqeni i shkodres,1,liqeni shkoder,1,liqeni shkodres,1,liqeni vau i dejes,1,lira instrument,1,lirijasi,1,liza 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bumci,1,luigj bumci nga kujtime e mija,1,luigj gurakuci poezi deshir,1,luigj gurakuqi,1,luigj gurakuqi hero i popullit,1,luigj gurakuqi per shkollen shqipe dhe arsimin kombetar vehbi hoti,1,luigj gurakuqi poezi atdhetarit te koseves,1,luigj gurakuqi poezi dallendyshja u kthye,1,luigj gurakuqi poezi zotnis geg postrippes,1,luigj guraluqi poezi shtepise sime,1,luigj paliqi,1,luigj-bumci,1,luigj-gurakuqi,2,luk kacaj,1,luke kacaj,1,luke kacaj biografia,1,luke-kacaj,1,lulash gjoni,1,lule vjeshtet,1,lules se majit,1,lulet e majit,1,luli i vocerr migjeni,1,luli-i-vocerr,1,lulja e majit,1,Lulzim Vulashi,1,lumejt e shkodres,1,lumi buna shkoder,1,lumi cemit,1,lumi drini bardhe,1,lumi drini zi,1,lumi shales,1,lumi vermoshit,1,lumnije juka,1,lumo-skendo,1,lushta riza,1,luta,1,lutfi muca,1,lutfi sahatçia,1,lutje,1,lyra-shqiptare,1,madre del buon consiglio,1,makeronjana,1,mal i gjymtit dajc,1,mal i jushit,1,malajgji kajvall,1,malarja ne shqiperi,1,malesi district,1,malesori ne paris,1,mali hebaj 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vekshari,1,myfarete-laze,1,myftar uruci,1,myhsin borici,1,myselim postribe,1,myslimanet e persekutuar nga komunizmi,1,myslym peza,1,myzafer pipa,2,myzafer pipa biografia,1,myzafer pipa vepra,1,myzafer-pipa,1,na qe shpetimin e gjetem ne te ikun,1,nadjezhda n. gicko-shamova,1,naim frasheri,1,naim frasheri familja,1,naim frasheri jeta,1,naim frasheri pasardhesit,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 1,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 10,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 13,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 16,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 19,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 22,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 3,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 5,1,naim frasheri qerbelaja kapitulli 7,1,naim gjylbegu,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-1,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-10,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-13,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-16,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-19,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-22,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-3,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-5,1,naim-frasheri-qerbelaja-kapitulli-7,1,nakdomonici,1,nane e perbashket ernest koliqi,1,nane-e-perbashket,1,narac vau dejes,1,nasirudin albani,1,nasirudin albani vepra,1,nasirudin arbani biografia,1,nasuf dizdari,2,nasuf-dizdari,2,natasha bega,1,nausika lacaj,1,nderhysaj shale,1,ndermolla,1,ndoc camaj,1,ndoc çefa,1,ndoc daragjati,1,ndoc gurashi,2,ndoc gurashi biografia,1,ndoc martini,1,ndoc martini biografia,1,ndoc martini doktor prela,1,ndoc martini veprat,1,ndoc mazi,1,ndoc nikaj,2,ndoc nikaj biografia,1,ndoc nikaj botime,1,ndoc nikaj poezi kam mbet jetim,1,ndoc nikaj vepra,1,ndoc shllaku,1,ndoc shllaku shkolla e muzikes shkoder,1,ndoc xhuxha,1,ndoc xhuxha numizmati i pare shqiptar,1,ndoc xhuxha numizmatika shqiptare,1,ndoc-gurashi,1,ndoc-martini,1,ndoc-mazi,1,ndoc-nikaj,1,ndoc-shllaku,1,ndoc-xhuxha,1,ndok-illia,1,ndre mjeda,6,ndre mjeda andrra e jetes,1,ndre mjeda bashkoniu,1,ndre mjeda biografia,1,ndre mjeda djali e balta,1,ndre mjeda djali pa nane si nata pa hane,1,ndre mjeda gjuha shqype,1,ndre mjeda i mbetuni,1,ndre mjeda i tretuni,1,ndre mjeda juvenilia,1,ndre mjeda lissus,1,ndre mjeda poezi,3,ndre mjeda poezi bashkoniu,1,ndre mjeda poezi ne deke te shoqit tim,1,ndre mjeda poezi vellavrasi,1,ndre mjeda vaji i bylbylit,1,ndre mjeda vepra,1,ndre-mjeda,6,ndrejaj shosh,1,ndrek gjergji,1,ndrek luca,1,ndrek luca albania actor,1,ndrek luca biografia,1,ndrek saraci,1,ndrek shkjezi,1,ndrek shkjezi biografia,1,ndrek-luca,1,ndrek-shkjezi,1,ndreke pici,1,ndrekë shkjezi,1,ndreke-shkjezi,1,ndue kasneci,1,ndue kasneci arratisja,1,ndue kasneci biografia,1,ndue kasneci vrasja,1,ndue pepa,1,ndue-kasneci,1,ne deke te shoqit tim poezi nga ndre mjeda,1,ne kujtim 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shkoder,1,orlandi cmendun guljelm deda,1,orlandi-cmendur,1,orlando furioso,1,osja falltores biografia,1,osja i falltores,1,osja i fallxheshes,1,osja-falltores,1,osman bali,1,osman kuka,1,osman-kuka,1,oso baroti,1,oso kuka,1,oso kuka kenga,1,oso kuka poezi,1,oso kuka shkodrani,1,oso kuka simbol trimerie,1,oso kuka vranina,1,oso-kuka,1,osoja i falltores,1,osoja i fallxheshes,1,osoja-faltores,1,our lady of shkodra,1,pacram hajmel,1,pader anton harapi,1,pader-anton-harapi,1,pajtorja e shkodres,1,pal engjëlli,1,pal engjelli biografia,1,pal engjelli veprat,1,pal-engjelli,1,palaj shosh,1,palaj-gushte,1,pallati sportit qazim dervishi shkoder,1,palok gjergji,1,paloke kurti,1,paloke nika,1,paloke nika biografia,1,paloke nika jeta,1,paloke nika shkoder,1,paloke nika vllaznia,1,paloke-kurti,1,paloke-nika,1,paolina kodheli,1,papa jani,1,papa tani petrota,1,papa xhuvani,1,paralamenti-i-pare-shqiptar,1,parku i taraboshit,1,parku i taraboshit shkoder,1,parku kombetar i 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argjiro,1,principata e balshajve,1,principata e kastriotve,1,principata e shkodres,1,principata-balshajve,1,prof kole ashta,1,prof simon pepa.,1,profesor gezim uruci,1,profesor mustafe dervishi,1,pronaret e pare ne shkoder,1,prroni i cepit ernest koliqi,1,prroni-i-cepit,1,psalm muzgu gasper pali,1,psalm-muzgu,1,puke district,1,puke shqiperi,1,pulaj velipoje,1,qafe-mali puke,1,qaku shkoder popullsia,1,qamil quku,1,qamili bujar,1,qarku i shkodres,3,Qarku Shkoder,1,qarku-shkoder,3,qarkun e shkodres,1,qazim dervishi,1,qazim dervishi biografia,1,qazim dervishi shkoder,1,qazim dervishi vllaznia,1,qazim mulleti,1,qazim-dervishi,1,qelez puke,1,qemal dracini,1,qemal dracini ditari,1,qemal dracini qytetar nderi,1,qemal kertusha,1,qemal sfata vjersha,1,qemal stafa,3,qemal stafa autor,1,qemal stafa deklarata,1,qemal stafa hartime,3,qemal stafa hero i popullit,1,qemal stafa kanga e kumbanares,1,qemal stafa komunist,1,qemal stafa libri,2,qemal stafa partia komuniste shqiptare,1,qemal stafa 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pici,1,shan-pici,1,sharkia,1,shegani shkoder,1,sheges se kopshtit,1,sheldi gur i zi,1,shelqet vau dejes,1,shen sergji e baku,1,shirgj church,1,shiroka shkoder,2,shiroke shkoder,1,shiroke zogaj shkoder,1,shirq church,1,shirq dajc,1,shkëlzen doçi,1,shkenca dhe jeta,1,shkjeze bushat,1,shko dallendyshe filip shiroka,1,shko meshar poezi nga gjosho vasija,1,shko-dallendyshe,1,shko-meshar,1,shkoder country,3,shkoder district,2,shkoder familja ceka origjina,1,shkoder familja coba,1,shkoder kisha e zojes,1,shkoder komisia letrar,1,shkoder liqeni,1,shkoder lord paget house,1,shkoder lumi buna,1,shkoder sahati inglizit,1,shkoder salih myftia,1,shkoder shkodra scutari albania,1,shkoder shtepia e lordit anglez,1,shkoder vehbi gavoci,1,shkoder vermosh,1,shkoder-razem,1,shkoder-shiroke,1,shkodra 1913,1,shkodra arshi pipa,1,shkodra asht dashni,1,shkodra asht e bukur,1,shkodra city,1,shkodra daily,2,shkodra dhe bicikletat e para,1,shkodra dhe motet,1,shkodra dhe motet hamdi bushati,1,shkodra dhe 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ShkodraDaily: Theth, Albania
Theth, Albania
Theth is a wonderful village to the north of Albania, located in the region of Shkodra. The climate in these mountains is complex and the biodiversity is great. The Dinarides act as a climatic divide between  Mediterranean (coastal) and moderately continental areas.
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