Frederik Rreshpja - Moon rain

Like Harlequin off on a stroll
In childhood's forgotten garden,
The lamenting moon in the clouds
Treads lightly on rainstorm branches.

The lonely lake clutches night's bank,
Writhes restless in the wild wind's embrace
And the siren of deep azure waves
Weeps o'er weary legends' tired face.

The star-shattered pavement like ruins,
And aspens like black-hooded priests,
Near his refuge somewhere in the trees
Lurks sorrow: that ancient assassin.

Oh, if only the sharp sword of sorrow
Could cleave me clear to the ground,
Hidden 'neath star-shattered ruins,
Hidden 'neath moon-spattered rain...

- Shi hëne, from the volume Lirika të zgjedhura, Tirana, Albin 1994. Translated from the Albanian by Robert Elsie and Janice Mathie-Heck